The Companion, then the Road.

-Muhammad (pbuh)

We work with young people for young people. Because the company they keep will determine the life paths they take.

Al-Hikam is a registered charity, with an outreach of 200,000 young people across the UK.

We organise nationwide events to engage UK Muslim Youth, and offer them a support base that’s down to earth and ‘on a level.’ We understand their needs, know where they’re coming from, and speak in a language that makes sense to them.

At Al-Hikam, we inspire young people with faith-based human values, which apply to their contexts.
At Al-Hikam we don’t preach or put folk to sleep. We educate, with subjects that are engaging and relevant.
At Al-Hikam we support young people and give them that boost they need to achieve.

Connect. Unite. Empower.

Our members and volunteers are the heroes of our future. Here are some of the people who've made Al-Hikam what it is.

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