"Indeed the scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets"

Dars-e-Nizami is a curriculum used in traditional Islamic institutions known as Dar-ul-Ulums, which, although originated as an Indian sub continental phenomenon, can now be found in parts of South Africa, Canada, United States, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom.

Mulla Nizam Uddin al-Sihalwi (may Allah have mercy on him) from the Faranghi Mahall family founded the acclaimed Dars-e-Nizami syllabus. The family traces their lineage back to Abu Ayub Al-Ansari (may Allah be pleased with him), the companion of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

The Traditional Dars-e-Nizami curriculum is a complete system that comprises of an in depth study of Aqil (rational) and Naqli (transmitted) sciences. The sciences are taught using authoritative classical texts which range from a basic level to more advanced level. The authors of these texts, amongst others, Mir Sayyid Sharif, Imam Al-Taftazani, Ibn Hajib, Imam al-Quduri, etc (may Allah have mercy on them) were masters of these sciences in their times.