Not long ago, Al-Hikam was born. We may be young, but we’re making noise and getting louder.

The beginning of Al-Hikam is like a familiar joke: An imam and two guys were sitting in a cafe.

The first guy said, ‘Ntch, young people today, man. They’re off the rails.’ The second guy said, ‘Ntch, old people today, man. They’ve lost touch.’ And the Imam said, ‘Well, instead of complaining, why don’t we do something about it?’ Admittedly, the punch-line wasn’t funny, but what happened next was pretty cool.

The year was 2011. Imam Asim, his mates and a handful volunteers, decided to put on an event at Al-Medina Masjid, in East London. The aim was to bring young people to the mosque, and inspire them to be more active in their faith community. Unfortunately, most young people associate the mosque with severe old uncles, and Friday sermons in an alien language that puts everyone to sleep. The Imam and his mates knew they had their work cut out for them.

To everyone’s surprise, the first event was a big hit. Imam Asim’s talks were different. They were relevant, ‘on a level’ and suddenly in demand. The events became regular, and the turnout grew rapidly. By the following year they were drawing in audiences of up to 700 people per day

Then what happened?

In 2012, Imam Asim moved to Bradford and took the good work up North with him. There they called it Al-Hikam. In Bradford, Al-Hikam produced some urgent and engaging events like ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ and ‘Thug Life.’ These found their way onto YouTube and went viral. Then they went on tour. For the next three years, Al-Hikam travelled from Bradford to Manchester; Bolton to Nelson and all over London.

Al-Hikam is a UK registered charity, with an outreach of 200,000 young people nationally. We take our events to mosques and community centres all over Britain.

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