Mission and Vision

Young Muslims in the UK aren’t ‘lost’ or ‘off the rails.’ But if we don’t learn how to listen and connect with them, they will be.

At Al-Hikam, we believe…

that all good things come from having a sound spiritual connection and a thorough grasp on our faith.But there’s a catch. Because we also believe that faith isn’t something that is taught. Faith is inspired.

Knowledge. Enlightenment. Wisdom.

At Al-Hikam we work hard to impart knowledge to young people which leads to enlightenment and the opening of the doors of wisdom.

  • Connect

    At Al-Hikam we believe that faith is a universal tongue, not an instrument to condemn or alienate. With it we connect, with young people.

  • Unite

    We help young people to build bridges, which unite generations and community groups.

  • Empower

    We empower young people to rise above obstacles that are both personal and social.

He is not one of us who does not have mercy on our young.

– Muhammad (pbhu)

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